About Us

With over 50 years of experience and seven academy awards, you can trust that you're in good hands


About Us

Michael Sorensen


President/Chief Engineer
Mechanical designer and systems engineer, Michael Sorensen leads the Ravensclaw engineering team and is hands-on in all aspects of product development, manufacturing and assembly.
Mr. Sorensen holds 7 patents for his mechanical designs, and the prestigious Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have twice honored Michael with awards for Technical Achievement In Real Time Motion Control.
​Mr. Sorensen has over thirty years of experience in the robotics, film and aerospace industries. 

Alvah Miller


Senior Electronics Engineer
Al Miller is not only a nuclear physicist, but also an electronics genius with over thirty five years of experience in film and electronics engineering.
​Beginning with Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Mr. Miller has been pivotal in developing many of the special motion and visual effects first brought to life on the big screen. His talents have been instrumental in the formation of Ravensclaw's proprietary technologies. Mr. Miller is the holder of five academy awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for technical, scientific and engineering achievements. 

Jeff Platt


Senior Software Designer
Jeff brings thirty years of experience in special visual effects to Ravensclaw as the senior software designer. He specializes in designing software operating systems for real-time controllers.
​Starting at Boss Film Studios in 1987, Mr. Platt's specialty is building analog and digital control systems for special visual effects applications and designing software operating systems for real-time controllers.
​In 2001 - 2003, Jeff wrote the software sound engine for the Alesis Andromeda synthesizer, and he holds a patent for Comet's Tail, a moving lights simulator.